What Types of Commercial Insurance do you Need to Sell Items Online?

Selling items online instead of in a store or at a marketplace can decrease your expenses and, in turn, increase profits. You won’t need to pay for utilities or the cost of storing the goods you’re selling. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to cover certain forms of insurance to protect your business and personal assets.

Commercial Insurance for Online Vendors

Colleyville, TX business owners who sell items on Amazon need to purchase commercial liability insurance for their goods. This is a mandatory Amazon requirement, irrespective of whether you manufacture or source the items from a third party. Other platforms, like eBay and Etsy, do not enforce an insurance requirement. However, Texas law mandates all online vendors who use a vehicle to transport goods to and from a fulfillment center to purchase commercial auto insurance. This insurance also applies if you employ a full or part-time employee to drive a car for business purposes.

Additionally, you may find value in considering other forms of insurance to safeguard yourself and your assets. For example, if you sell items on your site and collect buyers’ financial information, cyber insurance will guard you against threats like hackers. If you have business products or assets stored at home, you may want to consider commercial property insurance, as home or renter’s insurance does not cover commercial assets.

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