What Possessions Will Home Insurance Not Cover?

If you’re buying home insurance in Colleyville, TX, and wondering if any of your possessions aren’t covered, the fact is that just about anything you can own can be protected under an insurance policy.

The only real exceptions are expensive items that you don’t have listed on your inventory, of course, anything illegal, and perishables like groceries. And certain perishables can be protected under certain restaurant insurance policies but won’t be on a home insurance policy.

This being said, you’re typically going to be accepting a flat payment from your home insurance provider rather than going down an itemized list of every single item that was lost in a fire or burglary and collecting the appropriate value to the penny. So if you want to spend your insurance payment replacing groceries you lost in the incident, nothing’s stopping you. There’s just no reason to include every potato and soup can on your inventory or keep a photographic record of it.

The best way to ensure that your belongings are covered is to keep an updated inventory and to let your insurer know about any big purchases like new appliances, jewelry, and things of that nature. Record a video tour of your home once or twice a year so that you can get photographic evidence of all the little bits and pieces you might not have thought to put on a list.

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