Three things you might not know about your commercial insurance needs

You need to meet the commercial insurance coverage needs of your company to protect the future of your business. Jason Ridley Agency is an insurance provider offering commercial coverage. 

Business owners in Colleyville, TX should be properly informed about their insurance needs.

The following are three things you might not know about your commercial insurance needs:

You’ll probably need commercial insurance to take out a business loan.

If you have been operating under the assumption that you don’t need commercial insurance, you should consider the likelihood that you’ll seek a business loan in the future.

Many lenders require that businesses carry commercial insurance before they approve them for business loans. Carrying commercial insurance makes your company a more secure and reliable investment for business loan providers. 

Commercial insurance covers costs you face because of lawsuits.

Lawsuits are expensive. If your company gets sued, you’ll need to pay for a legal defense. This makes lawsuits expensive even if you are able to successfully defend yourself.

Fortunately, commercial insurance offers liability coverage that will protect your company if you get sued. In the event of a lawsuit, commercial insurance can cover the costs of your legal defense along with any amount you have to pay out as a penalty or settlement. 

Commercial insurance can help you attract clients.

Prospective customers like to see that companies are insured. Carrying commercial insurance makes your company seem more professional and safe to customers so that you more easily attract new business. 

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