If You’re Intoxicated, Is Your Auto Insurance Invalidated?

With the help of Jason Ridley Agency, you can drive safely in Colleyville, TX, and avoid serious problems. However, if you’re drinking and driving or using drugs, it isn’t easy to know what to expect. Will you be protected if you’re intoxicated and get into a car accident while driving?

Your Policy Must Pay Third-Party Expenses 

First, your intoxication will not void any third-party payments your policy needs to make. For instance, if you caused the accident due to being drunk, your policy must pay the liability coverage. They may try to sue you for compensation, but they must legally pay it.

Any other problems you cause when you’re drinking must be paid for by your policy. For example, if someone in your vehicle who is sober gets hurt, your insurance will pay for their recovery. But when it comes to your needs, you will be very disappointed.

You Will Lose Protection for Yourself

While your policy is legally required to cover any third-party damages your crash might cause, your personal protection is limited. According to federal law, if you’re found to be over the limit for alcohol or abused drugs while driving, your coverage is likely severely limited or even voided.

For example, if you get into a crash when you’re drunk, and you normally have medical payment protection for yourself, you might not get that protection. It’s important to understand what kind of limitations your insurer built into your policies to make sure that you’re safe. 

Give Us The Help That You Need

With the help of our team at Jason Ridley Agency, you can keep yourself safe when driving in Colleyville, TX. We strongly suggest you avoid drinking or doing drugs entirely to keep yourself safe on the road. There’s not much we can do for you if you get caught breaking the law in this way.