I hit my neighbor’s mailbox by accident. Will my home insurance pay for the repairs?

Home insurance provides a wide variety of different benefits. Not only will it pay for the repair or replacement of your home, personal belongings, and structures on your property, but liability protection as well. Homeowners insurance provides many different benefits that help homeowners manage and protect their homes. Our Colleyville, TX team at Jason Ridley Agency is committed to helping homeowners understand the benefits of home insurance. 

What is Home Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is designed to provide coverage and personal protection for you, your home, and your property, as well as liability coverage. Liability coverage can include medical compensation for someone who becomes injured on your property, and property damage compensation if you damage someone else’s property.

Loss of use cost is also a benefit of homeowners insurance. Loss of use coverage is also a benefit of homeowners insurance that provides compensation to homeowners who aren’t able to reside or use their home or some other structure. However, what’s covered by your home insurance policy will be determined by the specific guidelines and coverage details of your policy. 

I hit my neighbor’s mailbox by accident. Will my home insurance pay for the repairs?

Yes. Your home insurance will pay for the repair of your neighbor’s mailbox if you accidentally hit it. Your liability coverage includes property damage coverage. If you’re responsible for damaging your neighbor’s mailbox, your insurance company will either replace or repair the damaged mailbox.

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