Does Living in an Area With New Development Increase Your Need For Flood Insurance?

For most people, their homes are their biggest investment. Getting the right insurance can help minimize losses from weather, accidents, and other events. Changing conditions can often affect whether you have the right insurance. A periodic review of your home insurance needs can help avoid expensive repair costs. At Jason Ridley Agency in Colleyville, TX, we can help you get the insurance you need to protect your home investment.

New Development Changes the Landscape of Your Neighborhood

Many areas of the country are experiencing a boom in new construction, and although this offers a great deal of new housing for residents, it can also mean changes in the landscape of your neighborhood. New construction can alter land elevation, and it often removes established vegetation that helps stabilize the soil. This alteration can mean unexpected flooding when heavy rains in the spring and summer occur. And that can lead to damage to your home and expensive repairs to restore your property.

How A Changing Landscape Can Affect Your Insurance Needs

Your home insurance covers flooding that originates from inside your house. It does not cover flooding that can come from outside the house or from flash flooding over ground that recent developments have altered. To cover this type of flood damage, you need a flood insurance policy, which your insurance agent can help you acquire.

Choose Jason Ridley Agency For Your Home Insurance Coverage

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